Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Questions about You


  1. You are so darned cute ! Has anyone ever told you that you are another Rachael Ray ?? (Don't ever worry about saying um, I didn't even notice it.) Really enjoyed both your videos today, perked me up a bunch !

  2. I just loved your video and learning more about you! It sounds like with regard to scrapbooking we have a lot in common, I started with Creative Memories as well and then stopped scrapping for a number of years... I still have tons of stickers and what-not from Creative Memories that I doubt I will ever use now as my style (if I can call it that - ha) has changed greatly...but I can't seem to get myself to toss all that old stuff...yet.

    BTW...I am former US Army myself ... served for eight years before I left to pursue a job with the Michigan Department of we have the Army in common too...whoot whoot!

    Oh...and a love of saving dogs and simply loving pets... I really enjoyed finding out more about you... you are a peach! :-)

    Have a great day!



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