Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thrifty Thursday at ScrapTiffany

It's my turn to provide some Thrifty tips over at ScrapTiffany, here is what I found!

I happened to come across a website that is devoted to crafts that you can create with items from you local dollar store. The web address is,

After looking around this website and all of the adorable projects that are created from the dollar store, I was inspired. What could I find at the dollar store?

Here are a few things that I came up with.

Coffee filters, look at these beautiful flowers and butterflies created with coffee filters.

Dryer Sheets,

Did you know you can use a dryer sheet to reduce static before you emboss your project? Just rub the paper with the dryer sheet before you stamp. Not only does it help reduce static, but your project smells wonderful!

Another great thing you can do with dryer sheets is make these fabulous butterflies.

My friend Tracy makes these butterflies, you can see more about these butterflies on her blog. 

You can also view her tutorial on YouTube. Here is the link for her tutorial,

Here is one of my favorite projects that I have found on the Dollar Store Crafts website.

So next time you are at your local dollar store, be on the look out for thrifty crafty finds!


  1. great tips, kristina! i love the coffee filter flowers and butterflies...and love tracy's butterflies too! thanks for sharing and have a great thursday! *hugs* steph :)

  2. These are all sooooo cool!! Going to check the site out now. Cause come on who doesn't like the dollar store?

  3. thanks for the links and your flowers came out gorgeous! :)

  4. ohh!! Nice! Great ideas! A friend of mine shops on

  5. What a cool post, Kristina! I love the whole idea of this, and what creative projects you've shown. Your coffee filter flowers and butterflies are fabulous. And who knew dryer sheets could make such cute goodies, too. And that that is cool. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  6. You are just so dang clever! Everything thing that Audrey said... DITTO that!! :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing these Kristina, I love those coffee filter flowers, what a great site, I've bookmarked it. Have a great weekend,
    Enfys x


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