Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Award for 2 Fabulous Bloggers!

As a member of the Executive Team at Papercraft Star I've had the pleasure of visiting many papercraft blogs. Papercraft Star wants to give recognition to blogs that we each find are outstanding in some way, whether it is the projects, the stories or just the fact that we want to pass along some support and enouragement to a fabulous blogger!

Today I have selected 2 blogs to receive the Papercraft Star Fabulous Blogger Star Award.

Char @ Scrapsational

Sharanda @ The Crafty Spot

I love visiting both of your blogs!

There are some conditions that go along with this award, you need to post this award on your blog, answer 2 questions and pass this award on to 3 people. Make sure the people you pass this award on to do the same on their blog! 

Here are the two questions:

The best project I ever made was...

I like to craft because...

Thank you for inspiring me! Now go spread some love to those who inspire you!
I hope you will come play with us at Papercraft Star!


  1. Awww, thank you SO MUCH!! That surely added some sunshine to my day! Here are my answers to the questions:
    **The best project I ever made was...my first easel card. It was for my mom for Mother's Day. I put a pic of my son and me on the face of the card, cut into 9 squares. It was the cutest!
    **I like to craft because...I love to see the expression on someone's face and hear the words of appreciation when they receive a handmade card from me. I also just love creating--learning new techniques and putting them into practice.

    Thanks again!! I will be sure to pass on the sunshine! :o)

  2. Thanks so much for the blog award Kristina! I am SO excited to receive my first award ever! What a thrill! Now onto answer the questions.... The best project I ever made was a Wedding Album for my DD and SIL for their anniversary! It was alot of work, but a true labor of love for me! I like to craft because I get to live the experience twice, once when it happens and once when I'm scrapping it! It's so fun to look at the pictures, to remember the story behind it and to create something that will last a lifetime for my family and future generations.


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