Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy Days

I just had to share what keeps my days so busy!

Will @ 3 months

Marleigh @ 11 months

Aren't they adorable? I have a lot of fun with them, but boy are they a lot of work!! 
I'm working on a few layouts and I hope to have one posted for you tomorrow. 

So tell me, what keeps your days busy?


  1. Adorable....But I know how haard work being Supervisor of a busy Playgroup with around 16 2 year olds in!!

  2. How cute are those babies. Chores,FB & my blog keep me busy. I love watching everyone's tutorial's and projects it helps me to stay inspired and creative. So thank you ladies for all your creativity :D

  3. Beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing!

  4. They are gorgeous... and so lucky to have you caring for them too!

  5. they look so sweet, awww!

    Are you feeling a bit better? Did everything came back alright? I sure hope so.

  6. They are soooo gorgeous and have the prettiest eyes!!!

  7. those little ones are so adorable!
    have a great wednesday, kristina!
    *hugs* steph :)

  8. Sometimes I don't even know! ;)
    Wake up, blink, day is over.

    What adorable little babes these are!


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