Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't ya hate it when...

I have the WHOLE day to sit in my craft room! Fantastic right? Well yeah, except I am totally uninspired to create today. WHAT?!? I mean come on, really? I hardly ever get a day to myself in my craft room. I'm so sad right now. I did make a card, it's okay I guess. I'll post it on here in a bit...but I really wanted a day of power crafting. UUGggghhh.....

I do have some good news, it's time to vote over at Papercraft Star. You can cast two votes for your favorites but you only have through Monday to get those votes in so hurry hurry.

OH, one more thing. Remember I said that when I hit 100 followers I would do a giveaway? Well, I'm at 99 so we are almost there! I am just dying to have a giveaway :)

I hope you are having a happy crafty day! (wow, that was cheesy)


  1. hehe, i totally understand kristina! i can craft craft craft right now, but i'm not feeling up to it. boo :(. hope the mojo comes back to both of us. have a wonderful weekend! hope it's a nice relaxful one :)! *hugs* steph :)

  2. Yes!!! I hate that, my mom took my kids last week for 3 hours and about 20 min before they got home My brain woke up. Still haven't finished it. lol

  3. Maybe a little sip of something-something out of a paper bag would bring you some MoJo...or at least make you forget you don't have any today (it works for me... lol)... anyhow all joking aside... let's see the card... we'll be the judge of whether it's up to snuff or not... you are always WAY TOO hard on yourself kiddo! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. That was definitely me last weekend! But this weekend, I have no time to craft, and that's all I want to do! boo... both ways!

  5. Hi Kristina. I have totally been there and it is so frustrating! I hope you get your inspiration back soon!


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