Friday, August 27, 2010

Introducing Little Will

If you follow me on a regular basis, you already know that I take care of 2 babies. The newest wonderful soul in my care is 2 month old Will. I received permission from his mommy to share pictures of him with you, which is awesome because I plan on taking lots of pictures and scrapping them!

He is big, soft, cuddly, smells divine and I love every minute I get to snuggle with him. It's been 13 years since I have had a little baby boy to love on. Now you tell me if he isn't one of the cutest little baby boys you have EVAH seen!?!

I feel so honored to be trusted with his care while his mommy and daddy have to be at work teaching. I love my job, this beats Corporate America any day. Thank you so much Amber and Charlie!

I'm sure you will be seeing lots of Will here in the future!


  1. ohmygosh, kristina! baby will is adorable! love his cheeks! thanks for sharing! i love babies, they bring so much joy! have a wonderful friday! *hugs* steph :)

  2. Oooohhh, my goodness! Isn't he precious? That just tugged on my old heartstrings, Kristina. I know you will enjoy him.
    And by the way.......awesome photos, girl. I sure wish I could get close-up shots like that. Mine are ALWAYS blurry.

  3. Isn't he so cute ! And yes, wonderful photos too.

  4. OMG Kristina...he is so cute, and big and soft and snuggle-baby looking for sure. You aren't the only lucky one... he is lucky to have you too!!! :-)

  5. aaahhh, he is sooo adorable, what great days you must have, how sweet...cute cards here too...have a fantastic day!

    enjoy *~*


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