Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Prom, and a Hike!

Happy Mother's Day to you all! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families!!
It is a beautiful day here and we are headed outside!!

First, I wanted to share a picture with you guys. Last night was my daughter's, Carson, Senior Prom. We hired a photographer to take photos for this special occasion. Rick followed the photographer around and took more candid photos. He got some really funny ones. Anyway, they had dinner in Manitou so that is where the photo shoot was. I think we caused quite a spectacle, even stopping traffic a few times. Oh well, it was a blast and the photos will remind us of that day for a lifetime. Here is one of the pictures Rick took of Carson and her boyfriend Matt.

Since today is so beautiful outside, we are heading back to Manitou. Today, however, it will be to hike The Incline. I have never tried to hike it before and I am a little nervous. I have been told that there is an escape route at the halfway point. Now, you may be wondering why I am nervous about a hike. Well let me explain....The Incline is a 1 mile hike...not so scary right?? is one mile of stairs made from railroad ties that goes straight up!!! The total hike is 3 miles, cuz once you go up, you gotta come down. Luckily there is a trail on the back side of it and you don't have to walk back down the steps.  Here is a picture of The Incline...

Okay, now see the people at the top? Well, that isn't the can't see the top from the bottom!!
I am going to try to take some pictures along the way, but I may just have to concentrate on not dying!!
I hope I can still move my legs tomorrow...LOL Wish me luck!!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Kristina,
    First off your daughter is beautiful, what a fabulous photograph of her and her boyfriend. Please tell me you are going to Scrapbook that photo? (I would love to do it thats all!!)
    When my daughter and boyfriend had their photo taken, I did it for them and it's so special..
    You go girl....on the HIKE...Wasn't it just, well done. I don't know if I could have done evn half. Debbiexx

  2. Your daughter looks so pretty. They make a cute couple. I had never thought to hire a professional photographer, but I just might for my son's senior prom.
    Wow on that hike. Glad it was you not me LOL

  3. hi kristina!
    what a cute pix of your pretty daughter and her bf. that's cool that they had their own photographer!
    wowee girl, that incline looks tough! definitely a great workout! you go girl :)!
    steph :)

  4. Your daughter and her boyfriend look beautiful! I can see why they stopped traffic! What a great shot of the hiker's path. Way to go! I wouldn't even attempt that one!

  5. LOL... you always make me smile... well, no... LAUGH... I hope you aren't dead from the HIKE.. .I'm concerned only because you haven't answered my text from earlier this evening!!! LOL. (BTW - I'm not sure I would call it a "Hike"...more like a Moutain Climb!!!...) at any rate, if I went I'd probably wouldn't even make it to the escape route... and you'd just have to push me back down the railroad ties to the

    Carson and Matt look FANTASTIC... (gosh but she is BEAUTIFUL... get's it from her mom for sure!!) what a great idea to hire a professional photographer!! You are such a smart cookie... I can't wait to see the mini album you come up with for this event... (you do have one in mind, right?)... or maybe these are gonna be big pages...whatever you decide... can't wait to see them!!!

  6. Hi Kristina, your daughter looks stunning - tell her I said so. As for the hike, I feel faint and exhausted just from the photo. Good luck!
    big hugs
    En xx


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