Monday, February 21, 2011

An Update and A Sneak Peak

It's Monday again!! At least it's a holiday and there is no work or school!!!! I hope you are all able to enjoy a long weekend like we are.

This weekend I was hard at work on a tutorial for The Kraft Journal. I love the project that I did and I'm sure hoping that you will too!! Here is a sneak peak at what I created,

We have been busy with lots of other things this weekend too. My husband bought, yet another, motorcycle. This is his 7th motorcycle in 10 years.....yes.....SEVEN...LOL
He doesn't still have all 7 though, he only has 2 right now. I can't really complain, he indulges my love for my dogs and it seems like they have been costing us as much as a motorcycle recently with tons of vet bills. They all have bad teeth, except Piper, and Harley had to have 2 ACL repairs. Now Piper has to have both of her knees worked on. We won't go into detail about how high the tab is running, let's just say...I didn't complain when Rick went and bought, yet another, motorcycle this weekend. He put it simply...."you have your hobby (meaning my dogs), and I have mine...."

Enough Said.

We also have a dog trainer coming in to help us with Ziva tomorrow. I am super excited! She is so good  and obedient in the house but when we go outside, she acts like she doesn't know who I am or what her name is. It's all about her nose and eyes out there. I am hoping the trainer will help me get better control over her outside. Other than that, she is doing awesome. She is putting on weight and her coat is more shiny and we only need to help her put on about 2 more pounds until the vet said she will be at a perfect weight for her size.
She likes to watch all of the action in the playroom and lick the baby when he comes up to  the gate.

Well, that's about it for me today. Be sure to come back on Wednesday to watch the Kraft Journal tutorial video.

Have a good day!!


  1. love the texture i am seeing in your sneak looks awesome. i almost can touch it :)

    my hubby collects sports memorabilia and i used to be so bad about until we found cricut, hehe

  2. Your post just makes me smile.... I love you guys!! I am hardly waiting for your visit to Michigan... I REALLY miss you and can't wait to get you here with me for this much needed "vacation" with you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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