Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm BACK.........

I am finally home and have my house back to myself!! It was a really fun two weeks, but I'm exhausted. I need another vacation just to recover :)

I have a few pictures to share with you today and then I will be back in the crafting game!! I am excited for Saturday because my scrapbooking group is getting together to do an altered frame project. I hope it turns out great so I won't be too embarrassed to show it to you...hehe

This first picture is in honor of my BBF Beth. If you have ever been to her blog, you'll understand why!

This second picture is in honor of another blog friend of mine, Tracy. If you have ever been to her blog, you'll understand this one too :)

Can I just say, I wanted to bring that little Kid home with me. He was the most adorable thing EVER!! He was just 2 weeks old and was so calm while I was holding him. And that Rooster was a beautiful guy!! His colors were amazing. (Can you tell I wish that I lived on a farm? Oh well, someday)

Okay my to bed I go. Have a great night!!



  1. cute pix, kristina! thanks for sharing :)! glad to have you back! have a great thursday! *hugs* steph :)

  2. Welcome back ! Hey I thought you were going to raid my border punch drawer while you were here on the west coast, but they are all still here ?? lol

  3. Welcome back Kristina,
    Looking forward to seeing your frame, I am sure it will be lovely like the rest of your work.
    Lovely pictures, I used to have a goat at home when I was a teenager...Strange family us!!Debbiexx

  4. WOOHOO! Welcome back girlie! You've been missed. Love the rooster! LOL You just can't take the farm out of the girl. We love our animals. By the way, I've changed my blog background so if you want to run over there and grab the rooster one go for it. hee hee

  5. OMG....too, too darling and cute (oh, and the little goat too!) :-) I LOVE that photo! You sweetie! The Rooster is a good looking guy too... but I can bet why you weren't cuddling him in that picture like you did the kid! Oh and Kristina... be careful... goats are addicitive!

  6. glad you are back...cute pics too.


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