Sunday, July 11, 2010

My New Friends

Well, I made it home yesterday...barely
My 1st flight got in late so I only had 6 minutes to make my connection...I RAN!
Boy do I need to do some cardio!
I made it home, but my luggage didn't :(
The airline is supposed to deliver it this afternoon....nothing like not having your toothbrush!

Anyway, I wanted to share a picture with you today.
Me and my new friends....boy was this an experience. One, I am happy to say, I will never forget!!

Aren't they adorable!?!

I'll share some more over the next week, but come back tomorrow for my next Scrap Tiffany project!

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  1. Those raccoons are so adorable! Loved the pix of one kissing you, too sweet and cute! Thanks for sharing and glad you're back home safely!

  2. Glad you're home safe- I can relate on the luggage thing- on our honeymoon our connecting flight didn't get our luggage so there we sat in Jamaica for 2 days with only the clothes on our backs! Hope it makes it to you safely too!
    The raccoons are adorable! Looks like it was a fun experience!

  3. Sniff...Sniff...I am so glad you made it home safely...but sure wish you were still here! :-( This past week was the best ever! You are so much fun!! Love, hugs and kisses!!! The boys, the raccoons, GRACIE and the rest all send thier love, kisses and hugs too... I bet Rick is THRILLED you are home... hope you got your luggage (I've been SLEEPLING almost all day! .... yikes!) LOL.


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